Friday, February 1, 2008

the good with the bad.. and 5 more reasons i love my husband

just a little weekend recap.. friday night, while kennedy and i were getting ready for the black and gold ball jaime called. she was on her way to childress.. a scheduled visit with the parents while brye was skiing in new mexico with some friends. she said her mom had been admitted into the hospital..nothing serious. she had bronchitis and had let herself get very dehydrated. we talked a few minutes and i told her i would call her the next morning to check in. the dance was a hit! we had a good time..and then we came home to hangout with nicole! there was a boys night out planned for friday night as well so kyle talked nicole into staying with korb so kennedy and i could still go to the dance. thanks nicole! anyway, after some late night bueno (1030pm) kennedy fell asleep during a new disney movie minutemen and nicole and i stayed up talking WAY too late. the next morning i got up early..korb and i went to wash the tahoe for our much anticipated trip to east texas! just as we were getting on the road my dad called.. he shared with me the news that jaimes mom had just passed away. as soon as i could catch my breath i called her.. we talked briefly.. told her i loved her.. kyle and i spent a few minutes talking about what we should do. we finally agreed to continue on to east texas for the day. we havent seen his family in months..and if nothing else we had just been reminded were certainly not promised tomorrow. so we made the most of our time with his fam..the kids had such a good time. im glad that we went. we drove home late that night instead of staying over so that we could get an early start on our trip to childress..reason number 1 that i love my husband more after this weekend. after we made a few arrangements..unpacked the truck..repacked the truck..filled up with gas again..we were on the road again, reason number 2... the kids were asleep in a matter of minutes. after the 4 hour drive, we dropped the kids off with nana and papa and we spent the afternoon with jaime and brye. and the rest of her family.. and then around 5pm kyle and kennedy got in the truck again to drive back to mckinney, reason number 3. we didnt want kennedy to miss any school.. he needed to pick up some things for james & brye.. and he needed to get a little work done.. so he drove all the way home to take care of 'stuff' while i stayed in childress with my parents. on monday, korb and i did a lot of hanging out with nana. she took us to lunch with papa, to order flowers for the funeral, and to walmart..of course. we checked in on jaime in the afternoon.. and then my mom and i spent some quality time together while korb napped. kyle worked until 3ish and then drove back to childress, reason number 4. mom, korb and i met him at jaime's parents house. we had been there a little while when he arrived... its worth noting that the weather was so nice over the weekend and on monday. in the 70's and beautiful! after dinner we got the kobra ready for bed, left nana to do the honors of putting him down, and headed back over for one more visit. there were so many people in and out of the house..people i had not seen in YEARS. very good fellowship over a very sad and sudden situation. sometime during the night the weather made a drastic change. a storm blew in ..and when i say blew in i mean it quite literally.. check out this tree in my parents back yard.. turns out its a cotton wood and makes their allergies crazy.. silver lining i guess. the funeral was at 2 on tuesday.. the service was incredibly uplifting.. sad.. but still uplifting. it says so much about someone when you leave a funeral inspired by their 'acts' to be a better person. we visited with the family and a couple of hundred guests before packing up for one more 4 hour drive.. that was kyles 5th in 4 days. reason number 5. we made the best of a terrible situation.. we spent quality time with our families.. and we learned that you have to take the good with the bad and then unfortunately move on. so, wednesday..we got back to work..and the rest of the week has been business as usual. i do have a few funny korb stories.. be on the look out!

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