Tuesday, February 5, 2008

17months! dada's favorite age..

what a sweetheart korb is! he is so much fun right now.. he wont have a 'well baby' check up until next month so i will have official stats then..but he did see his new dr this week and he weighed in at 28.8 lbs (dressed with shoes) and 33.5 inches tall (without his shoes). he is really slimming up! of course he is still a big kid.. lots taller than all his buddies.. but we dont mind.

he talks so much! he can say just about anything you ask him too. and a lot more! hes starting to really put sentences together. sometimes there a little jumbled but he gets his point across. like when he wants to go somewhere he says 'bye go car'.. a little backwards but makes sense to me. he is also really starting to switch up the order of words hes been saying together for a long time. not sure if that is significant at all.. but it seems smart to me. example: he has always said 'dat dadas guitar' and this week he is saying 'dat guitars dadas'. just something ive noticed. he also talks to everything. his toys.. his food.. his friends.. the cat. one morning i had gone to the grocery store very early..and when he woke up i asked if he wanted milk. he said yes. so we went to the fridge. i couldnt find the milk. he said 'milk ere are u?' ..then i remembered that i had left everything on the kitchen table and not taken the time to put it away when i got home. when i pulled the milk out of the bag he said 'hi milk!' like they were long lost buddies. made me smile! one day last week he had his little people bus..filled every seat..and then threw it against the floor to watch it all break apart. (he's a little destructive) every time it would hit the floor he would say 'hoey moey'. i had no idea what he was saying..after about the 5th time i said to him with a question in my voice 'holy moly?' ..he just looked at me like, duh! hoey moey! that means he has spent WAY too much time with NANA lately! for the past week he says it when you turn on the tv/radio anticipating it being loud..hoey moey! its really cute! definitely an affective communicator..

he still loves to sleep.. he naps in the morning and afternoon for at least 2 hours each and overnight from 8-8 at a minimum.. usually later than 8 on the weekends. and along with that comes the 2 N's so precious to his life.. (well make that 3 including nana) his night-night (his blanket) and his nuk (his pacifier). he would carry them around all day if you would let him. nana is the only one who does.. we make him leave them in his crib. probably why she's his favorite.
he still loves to climb.. and dada loves to help him out with that! thats him..on our mantle. dont worry - dada never took his hands off of him. he has also learned to climb the stairs. he is much too reserved to attempt going down tho. his buddy bex is a whiz at it! maybe he'll learn from watching bex soon.

he loves to be held..think thats nana's fault too. im sure she will gladly take the blame tho. she loves to hold him! we all do..but somehow she and i are the only ones with any stamina at it. seems that his near 30 lbs little body breaks every one elses arms! i hear all the time..how do you hold him all day? well..i dont hold him all day but when i can, i do. im afraid he will grow out of wanting to be held very soon and i will miss it! he's very strong.. and mischevious. always getting into something and dying to get caught! its way more fun that way! the next few pics are of one of his favorite pass times at my parents house. he loves to play with the water dispenser. of course he can only lift the empty bottles. but he thinks he is so tough when he does. he's very dramatic about it. and he's always trying to make more 'empties' a little faster.

he can recognize just about every one he knows in pictures. seriously..i think he's up to about 30 people. its pretty crazy.. not too mention all the stuff he can name. he also knows a few colors. yellow, purple and green. we are working on the rest. he knows a few shapes. circle, square, star, hexagon (pretty cute..he says hex like bex) he knows the difference between football, hockey, basketball and golf on tv. im sure soon he will have to learn about baseball. not my favorite. maybe dad will have to teach him that one!

he has had non-stop ear infections for the the last 5 months. looks like we maybe on our way to tubes. as much as i hate to say it. i just changed his dr this week.. i just dont feel like our pediatrician is aggressive enough with medication. im all for not over medicating him..but if he needs it, he needs it! maybe the new doc will be able to knock out the infection and avoid a trip to the ENT specialist. he has a followup swallow test next week..hopefully it will go really well and we will be done with thickening all of his liquids! he is still seeing dr r, his pulmonologist, but with daily allergy medication and nasal spray his lungs have been clear for quite a while now. he does have a nasty cough this week..but the mucous is clear. so hopefully its just from this crazy weather and not an infection.

wow thats a lot of stuff! feels like i havent really journaled about what he's learned in a long time. its always fun to look back in a few months and compare. he and his sister are still best of friends. very much in love.. they play so well together. and she is not yet annoyed with him. wonder how much longer that will last!?!? he is our pride and joy.. our lives are much fuller with him in it!

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