Friday, April 27, 2007

how things have changed since we were kids...

i know.. it makes me feel/sound old just writing the title of this. but its funny. kennedy and i have always had a tradition of getting donuts on the way to school (or daycare back in the day) on friday. DONUT FRIDAY. we dont always get to go nowadays..because there are always other kids in the house but this morning i told her that if she was ready by 8:00am when gracyn arrives that we would probably be able to make it on time for school. as we got into the car i asked if she had cash. i did not.. and i clearly cant go inside with her and 3 infants. she told me where her wallet was and i ran back into get it. now.. last friday she went to the spring carnivale at school with her friend tristan. i gave her $20 to spend. so today when i ran into get her wallet i looked inside to see that she had enough cash for breakfast. there were $23 inside. as i got back into the car i asked her how much she spent at the carnivale. and heres how the conversation went after that..
kennedy: around $7 bucks..and a $5 ticket
me: how do you still have more than $20?
kennedy: i had money when you gave it to me.. from my last trip.
me: you know when i was a kid (how old does that sound!) i always had to bring my parents back the change from trips and carnivales and movies and skating..
kennedy: wow mom. things were harsh when you were a kid.

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