Monday, April 23, 2007

friday night with the girls..well some of the girls

our monthly GNO was a lot of fun. we were missing quite a few of our regulars..but we did manage to have a good time. christy was the first to arrive.. sitting at a table for 10 all alone for about 20 minutes waiting for those of us who or habitually late. christy we are so sorry! as ive said in posts not sure why im late, but its always comforting to know that there are others out there who have the same problem! nikki, kelly and i arrived around the same time. nikki did beat us but i dont think by much. it was a party of 4 for a couple of hours. we ate..we drank..we talked about our weight.. and what to do for next months GNO. the margaritas were good.. the weather was perfect.. there were texts from those who couldnt make it.. and from those who assured us they were on there way... by 9pm our party of 4 became a party of 7. we ate.. we drank.. we talked about our weight.. and what to do for next months GNO. when the restraurant closed and we were forced to leave our comfortable little patio, most of us made our way to the colony. ~casa de degele. it was late night snacks, blankets, a surprise appearance of SHELLY!! and girl-talk until jason came home. all-in-all a great evening. thanks girls! i really really really look forward to this every month. weve made it 4 in a row! lets start planning next month~

a special thanks to nikki for always remembering her camera!

heres a link to the other photos..just in case you didnot get it from nikki.

remember that pre-birthday party at the cardwells that was really about visiting with chuck??? nikki just sent me the pics she took that night..again thank you for always having that camera handy! i really enjoyed seeing them so i thought i would share....

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Nikki said...

Oh, the memories! I must say I wasn't feeling exactly up to par on the mornings after both of these nights; however I'm always glad to be the honorary camerawoman!