Tuesday, April 24, 2007

my rainy adventure

these pics were taken post story...

so many posts today! i just have to share a quick story. it has been raining in mckinney ALL day... and as you know kennedy walked to school with christian today. i called his mom around 2:30 to make a plan for picking them up. she was not going to be able to make it on time..and seeing that she always picks them up in a crunch... i volunteered. i pulled the tahoe into the garage. i put all the babies in their carseats. except korbin, of course, because he has outgrown his carrier. he now has a big boy carseat.. so, once i had everyone buckled up i took him out first. next i took diego. i put him in the third row. with the truck pulled all the way to the backdoor basically, i was able to stay dry under the cover of the hatch door. then i put gracyn in on the drivers side.. backed up a bit so that i could get to the passenger side without going around the back of the car. buckled paula in on that side and we were ready. and we were dry. i was so proud of myself. four babies buckled in the car during a thunderstorm. and no one got wet. thank God for garages. then i put the truck in reverse, looked in the rearview mirror and guess what? its garbage day. so the big stupid green garbage can was in the middle of the drive way. i had no choice but to get out in the pouring rain and move it to the fence. our alley way was basically a river at this point. my feet were soaked. my jeans were wet halfway to my knees. my hair stuck to my face. lovely. i went to the school.. found the munchkins..and we went to mcdonalds for a snack. drive thru, of course. i had a soda and french fries. i needed a reward for at least trying so hard.

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Moggy said...

I just ran across your blog and it's sounds like you did really good to keep the babies dry and you should get a reward ;-)