Friday, April 6, 2007

the estimation jar

funny kennedy story... in first grade kids learn about estimation. kennedys class has a box that they send home (used to be a jar, guess it got broken a few times).. they are supposed to put a quantity of something in it... and then the kids in class have to guess, estimate, how many pcs are inside. yesterday kennedy brought home the estimation jar. she searched all over the house for something to go inside. first she put 91 pcs of candy in it (dont ask where she found that many pcs of candy)... then she said that had already been done, a lot. i suggested cottonballs.. not so easy to guess how many cotton balls there are, right? she said that had been done a couple of times too. she said, "dont worry about it mommy i will come up with something good." and then she said.."i know the perfect thing!"

its sauce packets from taco bell.. from our refridgerator. mostly hot..some mild and a few fire. wanna guess how many total? 56. pretty creative. she said, "mommy, im sure no one has ever put hot sauce packets in the estimation jar before." i think shes probably right.

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Anonymous said...

I knew Kennnedy was really smart. Way to go girl. See you next weekend.