Friday, April 6, 2007

korbin's 6 month..ok 7 month check up

i took korbin to see the pediatrician yesterday for his 6 month well baby check up. obviously i was running a little late, he had bronchiolitis when he turned 6 months..his first and only time to be sick, and i skipped the well baby visit. we had seen dr e three times already during that week and a half and i made an executive decision that he shouldn't have to get 'well baby' shots while he was not feeling well. so we are a month off... none the less thats not the point of my story. as if you cant tell by looking..he is still a big boy. 21 lbs 13 oz...95% - 29 inches...97%. he is so sweet and such a happy baby. at 7 months he is almost crawling.. rolling and scooting EVERYWHERE.. babbling lots of nonsense (he says dada - but he says it all the time..not sure he actually associates it with dada) and this week he even learned to zerbert. it is so funny!!! these pics are the newest. i feel like we take new ones everyday... i guess thats good. i think he might be winning the blue-est eyes contest. sorry may be moving to second place.

btw.. there are new pics up on hal's website of all the kids at dalton's birthday party last weekend. they are all really good. some of dalton eating of nick and dalton in black and white that is so of kenners eating the icing off the toy soldiers that were on top of the cake..and several of korbin with papa and on my shoulders. he captured the moment much better than my sony cybershot..imagine that!

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