Sunday, April 29, 2007

one particular harbor..2007

this pic is titled "what do you mean i cant go!" as you can see he was decked out in his margaritaville cheeseburger in paradise tshirt (compliments of his aunt kate & uncle rob).. and he looked like he really thought he was getting to go! however, he did have an outstanding time with his grandma trish and grandpa springer.

mommy and daddy did get to go to the show and it was AWESOME!!! we had such a good time. nick and jenny arrived in mckinney around 3pm. we loaded up the cooler in the back of the mean green machine..kissed the babies good bye and headed out around 4pm. much later start than we had anticipated but it was worth the wait to spend the day with nick and jenny! we were not settled into our parking spot until 5pm. im amazed at the amount of money they must make on parking... we were so far away from the stadium-i think we were officially in BFE..or little elm.. im not sure~either way i think they are both about the same distance from frisco. and there were tons of people still showing up. we got out the ipod speaker system.. the modern day boom box.. (maybe the best invention ever..), our lawn chairs, our coozies and cameras and let the good times begin! one of kyles friends from college that he hasnt seen in quite some time came to tailgate with us... it was great to see you faith! we took lots of pics...with each other... with randoms pirates and elvis impersonators.. with ticket scalpers... and men with random hats.. so much fun. we hung out in the parking lot for a couple of hours and then made our way inside.
...quickly here's the ticket story. we bought our tickets the day they went on sale. we were in sec D just to the leftside of center stage on the floor row 21 - face value $125. easily $300 invested after all the inconvenient convenience fees and such that ticketmaster charges. nick and jenny bought their tickets that morning on stub hub...sec D row 2 for less than $80 each. no stupid fees involved. craziness! needless to say we were a little bitter. however, when we got to section D..they showed their tix first-the guy just checked the first one and we were all off to row 2. all bitterness quickly dissappeared! it was an awesome show. we had such a good time! the music started on our walk down.. you know the tune. FEELIN HOT HOT HOT! and we got to our seats just as he ran on stage. perfect timing! the second encore wasnt over til around 1030pm.. the music was great. the crowd was cool. a drink did get spilled all over me..i think somehow thats becoming a tradition at pizza hut park..but i did not let it spoil my was totally an accident and there was a flying beach ball involved. we sang all night. he played a variety of stuff.. and what he didnt play for us we played for ourselves in the parking lot afterwards! earlier in the day we had a discussion about some random friends that we always seem to run into at events like this. amy & wes. kyle knows them from college..and amy and jenny actually went to high school together. as we were sitting in the parking lot waiting for the crowd to clear and basically not wanting the fun to end...jenny spotted them just walking by on the way to their car..which was one row over. completely random. so we hung out a little longer...perfect end to an awesome day. good times, good times.

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Anonymous said...

We are DEFINITELY doing it all over again next year...except maybe without the beach ball spilling my beer all over you and the front row grouchies. BTW - I'm still so so sorry about that :)