Tuesday, April 17, 2007

10 days til BUFFETT..

OMG! this rain is making me crazy... and tired.. and grouchy... and hungry... BUT its helping me look forward to that one particular harbor that i visit every year! 10 days til jimmy buffett brings sunshine to dallas-even if it does rain...like it did last year..but hopefully not like merriweather post 99... i know some of you out there (heather..nick..jenny) have less time to wait for your boat drinks and the pascagoula run but i refuse to be jealous! when my buffett day 2007 comes... yours will be a memory. a very good one, im sure, but a memory just the same. think of me while you have your fins up and my school boy heart will be with you come april 28th. cheers to music that can make a stormy night disappear with a little havana daydreaming. until then i'll be pacing the cage and counting the days... hanging out with little miss magic and my little land shark and trying not to let this weather get me down!


Heather said...

Well, I had written a response to you very cute posting Jammi but didn't realize I had to create an account to post it. GRRRR, so, instead of trying to remember what I wrote I will say this...cross your fingers that I'm able to go next week...I still haven't found a babysitter in the great state of GA. God help Phil if I don't get to go! LOL

Jammi Palmer said...

not true..growling heather. just push the button labeled OTHER to leave a comment with out setting up an account. it was early...and she is blonde!