Tuesday, April 24, 2007

big giant boo boo!

when thinking of having children every mother fears something they or their partner has that they do not want to pass on. for instance..i have a friend who doesnt want her son to have her chin -personally, i do not think theres anything wrong with her chin, but she does. another friend whos fear was daddys ears...i say either way there will be hair to cover them eventually. and yet another friend who's first words to me after her daughter was born were ... be honest, does she look like me? and btw..shes mommys little clone. anyway, point being we all have something. my greatest fear is my asthma. yet to be determined if the little man will have it...kennedy seems to be in the clear. however, kennedy did inherit something from mommy that im not sure she will out grow... SHE IS A KLUTZ! its always something. she falls..she trips..she runs into things..she hits her head. i feel so bad for her..because i do those things too. so yesterday i was making dinner. she was riding bikes in the front yard, with basically every kid on our street, like she always does..when i heard the front door open. i said, "hey kenners dinners almost ready." and then i heard her screaming. i walked out of the kitchen to see jenna (next door neighbor, shes 8) holding the door open and carla (christians mom-he's kennedys best friend) carrying her across the street screaming. my first thought was that she'd been hit by a car... turns out she just crashed on her bike. she did, however, get a really nasty boo boo. its a deep scrape, about the size of a quarter, in the bend of her foot. like the spot where the top of your foot becomes your shin - if that makes sense. the part that bends every time you take a step. not sure how that is ever supposed to heal. she whacked it on the pedal when she fell. kyle says he hit his foot there on his bike a hundred times as a kid. thats one thing i can say ive never done. probably because i decided at a very young age that bicycling was not for me. because im a klutz. so the question of the day is.. is it a good combination that kennedy has inherited a drive to be competitive despite inheritting my clumsiness? maybe she can persevere and successfully be athletic.. or maybe she will just continue to hurt herself in bigger ways than i ever did because i was too scared to try new things. im sure only time will tell. she is quite determined...maybe she will overcome it.

one more thought on this subject. every day kennedy and christian ride their bikes to and from school together. its only a few blocks away.. they have their cell phones..and they call as soon as they arrive and before they leave. i know she's only 7 but its working out really well. anyway. this morning she asked if we could drive to school or if she could ride with jenna. she wasnt feeling up to biking. i agreed. then christian came to get her around 8:10. i met him at the door and told him that her foot was still really soar and she didnt think she could ride her bike. she came out of the kitchen while we were talking..looking sad. so he said, "kennedy..do you feel like walking? cause, i could take my skateboard instead of my bike so that you can keep up with me." she smiled and off they went. so cute.

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