Wednesday, March 26, 2008

skipping ahead a little..

i promise im going to blog about our vacation.. ive been working on a post. but i literally took 300+ pics and its a lot to get thru! however, these are the things that have entertained me for the last couple of days..and i thought i would share. just to pass the time while you wait for vacation pics! just to decode a little.. you will be seeing korbs awesome new words for the month. hallelujah, tortilla, guess what? chicken bbbbutt, and dada's favorite - hey now. and a cool little c-ya at the end. how did he get so smart!

he has also 'fixed' a few things he has been saying incorrectly.. such as derep has become derek. and gra-gra has become gracy. those things make me a little sad!!! the baby is dissappearing before my eyes! or maybe he is just learning to use his newly 'free' tongue!


Kelly said...

That little man is too cute! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

maybe you shouldn't try to record Korb while Gracy is there - she just tries to butt in! :)