Monday, March 19, 2007


we had an awesome time on our vacation!!! it was so nice.. in the 60s everyday. not the greatest ski conditions, which did not make kyle happy, but i wasnt planning to ski and i dont like to be cold! im not even really sure how they talked me into going to the mountains... i just heard the words vacation and trip and did not ask questions. everyone did have a great time. it was wonderful to spend time with my parents. when i lived on the east coast we would plan trips together but now that we see each other often...we kind of take it for granted.
we left on tuesday. we drove to my mom and dads that evening and stayed the night. on wednesday we piled into the tahoe and drove to red river. we stayed at a lodge called the ponderosa. the boys drove to angelfire to ski on thursday. mom, korb and i did not shower or leave the room until 230. thats not true..we did go to the hot tub! it was great to be lazy.. we even had dinner at 'home' when kyle and dad got back and crashed early. on friday dad decided to live the lazy life with us and kyle stayed in red river to ski... we were all much more rested on friday evening so we ventured out to dinner. we had an awesome meal at a little steak house. i wish i had taken a picture of kyles was like an entire cow. i will not say if he finished it or not... after dinner we did a little tourist shopping and then nana and papa did a little babysitting so that we could check out the night life. saturday we made our way home by way of Cracker Barrell... thanks kp. he claims to hate cracker barrell...but i will tell you that he did finish his meal there. why is it that vacation always turns out to be mostly about eating???

Korb did a lot of sleeping cuddled with W.P. Rattles.ARE WE THERE YET??
Daddy..I thought we were going to see mountains?
Scratch offs...
PAPA.. it was such a long trip.
Korb did that..note to self - babies have sharp nails

Papa... please play with me!
DADDY..please play with me.

Korbs first snow experience.

Korb loved the new backpack.

saturday evening we picked kennedy up.. she spent spring break in california with her father. she had a great time but we missed her so much. after church on sunday we took both of the kids to the park in childress. we had so much fun.. korb actually fell asleep..not sure how much fun he had. he seemed to enjoy him self until he passed out. one of the pics below is from easter how our family has changed. kennedy was so little!


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