Tuesday, March 13, 2007

monday with my baby...

These are some of my current favorite pics of Korb..aka TLM (the little man).

Im going to be post crazy this morning... technically the last post should have been finished yesterday but I was too busy spending my first official day of vacation with my little man. SO..there will just be multiples dated Tueday. My blog, right!
Sometimes Korbin amazes me. Dont get me wrong, he is always even tempered and easy going but Monday was one of those days when you really feel blessed... I had a dentist appt. Never realized how much trouble a dentist appointment could be. Normally I would just get my teeth cleaned on my lunch hour..the same time I would run any 'me time' errands..like manicure, pedicure, eyebrow waxing, hair cut, shopping..you get the picture. However, it seems that stay at home moms dont get lunch hours. Who knew? So, when are you supposed to do all of those things? I haven't quite figured that out. I shouldve probably asked a neighbor to keep him but I decided to just take him with. I called ahead and the receptionist said it would not be a big deal because the office was pretty quiet for a Monday. I crossed my fingers and said a little prayer that it would not be a disaster. I put him in his stroller and gave him a bottle..incredible how a little thing like holding his own bottle changes things.. and headed into the office. We parked him just outside the door so that they could do x-rays and the consultation part of the visit. He babbled a bit to himself and just hung out. Then they started the cleaning. Including the initial time in the office waiting room thru the paying out at the front desk we were there just over an hour and he was a perfect little angel. Never fussed. Never complained. Just waited patiently and even fell asleep for a little while. Amazing.

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