Friday, May 2, 2008

GNO.. and the drama back home with out mommy

wednesday night was GNO. we havent hung out since march 1st for erins bday and every weekend is action we decided on a middle of the week dinner just to catch up. only 5 of us made it to dinner.. and only 4 were still around when we finally got out the camera howeva we had a great time just hanging out for a bit! dinner was at 8 and i was in bed before midnight. very laid back! im sure kp was not thrilled about me leaving on a random school night..but he always manages to get the kids fed and in bed on his own. such a good dada..


  1. cash's mommy is not aloud to sell pure romance products.. dont worry amy-me either.
  2. words of wisdom from erin.. you should really know people well before you go on vacation with them for 8 days.
  3. guys who take you to the symphony on (or around) your first date are definitely matter what their eye brows look like
  4. just because someone calls you ma'am doesnt mean they think your old... it just means your a lot older than them.
  5. blasters are good
and the pics..
the fake smile must mean he is not happy about me going out..
nikki & erin
jammi & nicole
nikki & jammi
silly faces
and..finally we find someone to take a group shot
ok.. back at the homestead. there was a little bit of drama during my 3 hour absence. kennedy and kaylee found a baby bunny who was very ill but lucky to be alive.. it seems that his brothers and sisters were gooshed all over the alley behind kaylees house. so..being the compassionate animal lover that she is - kennedy had to do SOMETHING. she remembered that her friend dylan's mom had been (but evidently not finished due to a family tragedy) to nursing school. kennedy was sure that she could help. so they took the lifeless-barely-breathing bunny to their friends house. and they loved it and held it..til it finally died. poor kenners. im sure (and ive heard) that she LOST it. crying..hysterical. very upset. so her friends mom got her a box for her little dead friend.. and drove her home. they live at the end of the block. when they arrived the mom brought her in the house. she was clearly very upset too. after hearing the story for 20 min or more..all the while holding the dead bunny in the agreed that the little guy should have a proper burial. the ceremony was scheduled for 630 pm. yes.. i said ceremony. now, i realise that thankfully this is the first dead animal in our lives. BUT i thought somewhere in DAD DNA they all know to 'bury' the animal for the kids and then let them have a ceremony or a little something to say goodbye after the said dead friend is supposedly tucked nicely away under a freshly unearthed piece of ground. well..kyle agreed that they should bury the little guy together the next afternoon. which meant he had to actually dig a hole big enough for the box to fit into.. such a sweetheart. after about 20 min of back breaking digging in the terrible black clay stuff that we have for dirt in our backyards in north texas he was certainly wishing he had disposed of the little guy and just created a faux pretty little grave site... he is an awesome dad for taking the time to do something so special for the little kid! our next GNO is supposed to be a weekend away..what do you suppose will happen when im gone for 3 days.. instead of just 3 hours. oh the stories he will have to tell!!!
let the digging begin..
korb was standing guard over the its blue casket.
the jeep served as a pretty handy hurst.
dada did have a little help with digging..
bye bye bunny.
korb got a little bored with bunny watch and digging..
so he decided to eat a little dirt.
such a boy.
RIP little bunny.. you touched so many lives.

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Nikki said...

His eyebrows may be ridiculous, but yeah, he's a keeper I think. The fourth date is officially scheduled!

BAHAHAHA....I laughed so hard when you referenced Pure Romance! That was such a funny conversation!