Tuesday, May 6, 2008

T loves V

last weekend we took a rode trip south to a part of texas ive only been to once when i was about kennedys age. a very good friend of kyles from college got married in mason texas..near fredricksburg. the wedding was on a ranch.. it was really beautiful. we had a great time! these are some of my favorite pics from the day before the ceremony.

down by the river..
kyle attempted to teach the little k's how to skip rocks.

then we got all dressed up..and made our way to the ceremony. korb spotted some moo-cows and horsies-nay-nay while we waited for things to begin. sis helped him across the cattle guard..think its the first time either had seen one of those. i just love pics of them together.

and one good family shot..
korb did not want to participate but thanks for trying jess!
looks good to me...
so.. about the ceremony. have you ever taken a 20 month old to any outside event..and then told him to sit quietly in a chair so that you can capture the moment? ummm..i promise you wont be successful. so the pictures i took suffer from a serious gap between the hours of 5pm (show time) and 10pm (k's bedtime). howeva.. we met a boy named chris - who, like myself takes lots of pictures! and he did not have a munchkin to hold or chase or feed or dance with.. from 5-10! heres the link to the 400+ pics he took. if you know thomas and victoria -- or if you are like me and you just like browsing.. there are plenty to look at!
here are a few of my favorite pics of ken and korb.

kennedy was very serious about dancing the night away..
she even drug daddy out on the dance floor..wish i had a pic of that!
korb spent a little time on the dance floor himself..but he was mostly interested in the strobe lights. he chased them in circles for quite a while. so much fun!
then he wanted to touch the bells hanging from the tree..and by touch. he meant destroy. shawn tried his best to re-hang that one..but he finally had to give up.
after the little man and the little kid were tucked in..
kyle and i got to hang out by a bonfire with some of his favorite peeps..
peeps that he doesnt see often enough.
thomas and victoria
shawn and jessica
kevin and sara
and AH
not sure why i like this one of us.. but i do. :)
on sunday we made our way home by way of luckenbach.. theres an awesome story to tell there..but i think ill save it for another post. good luck to timo-mas and his beautiful bride. im sure they will be happy together for a long long long time! thanks for the invite.. we love the memories!

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