Friday, May 30, 2008

mothers day trip.. the highlights

on thursday before our trip kyle, kennedy and korb surprised me with a beautiful watch! i was really excited and I LOVE IT! thanks K's!!!

for mothers day weekend.. we drove to childress on friday after work. arriving around midnight.. we visited for a while and then got some sleep. on saturday, kyle got the chance to play golf while the littles and i attended a women's fundraising luncheon at my parents church. it was organized by a sister church..they just asked to use the facilities - and for my mom to be their guest speaker. the focus was prayer for our children. i cant tell you how proud i was to sit in the audience and hear my mother speak. im blessed that she is my best friend..and that she prays for me.. and im so happy that we got to spend the day with her. kennedy and korb had a blast. ALL DAY. they always do.. . from singing with micromones at the church to eating stickies (thats what korb calls lollipops) to flying kites. it was a really fun day for all. sunday morning was more of the same. they had tons of fun in childrens church and then we went to k-bobs for lunch. my favorite! after lunch my dad had a counseling session booked so mom, kyle and i took the littles to the park to play and feed the ducks.

kenners on the new playground equipment.
how much did that thing cost again? remember these pics..
the 2008 edition.
korb wasnt feeling it..but at least we get the idea of growth. least he was awake this year!
maybe next year he'll pose?
amazingly enough korb wasnt scared of the ducks at all. if theres an animal on the face of this earth that he should be frightened by..its definitely the childress ducks! but we didnt tell him that.

lovin my mama!!!

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