Tuesday, June 3, 2008

...a few things about may 2008 i'd rather not forget

there are many moments of this month that i would prefer to erase from history.. and there are at least a few moments that have been erased from my memory whether i would prefer it or not.. but there were good times mixed in with all the bad. and i need to start getting things back to normal around here.. so what better way than to blog! ive finished 3 posts started before the accident. (1 2 3) and another about mothers day weekend (pre-life changing crash, of course). i will also be able to post about my exciting/relaxing weekend with a few girlfriends thanks to nikki sharing pics!! a new camera is on the list of things that need to be replaced to get us back to normalcy... oh the list of things that need to be replaced... anyway.. i hope you enjoy catching up with team palmer.

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Unknown said...

Welcome back! I have to say I didn't know how much I loved your blogging until I had to live without it for dang near a whole month!! Love ya.