Monday, June 30, 2008

kp's family reunion 2008

summer weekend number 4 = family fun! we attended kyle's annual family reunion. at lake o the pine in east texas. we had SO much fun! we took the day off on friday.. but it definitely wasnt a restful day off. the littles and i were in childress wednesday and thursday so we had to get up ridiculously early on friday morning to drive to mckinney. but we managed. and we were able to leave mckinney by 1030 am for our drive to the lake. we spent friday night and saturday night camping RV style with all of kp's family. we definitely dont get to see them often enough! the sad part is that most of them live right here in the metroplex... oh well. i guess what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder is completely true with this fam. we have a blast every time we see them! i did a horrible job of taking pics of anyone except my own squad. HOWEVA - kelli took family pics of everyone - so as soon as she shares i will too.
the littles DEFINITELY enjoyed the new dvd player on the drive to the lake.
upon arrival we unpacked all the necessary gear.

come on boys..let me show you how this is done.

korb was less than excited to meet FUDGE & DUCK.. two chocolate labs. but sissy saved him. thanks sissy!

this little guy was definitely more his size!

he had the MOST fun with his cousins! especially kelsi. we must have heard a thousand times - where kelsi go?

enjoying a little shade on day 1. it wasnt nearly as hot as its been in years past. but it was hot..i mean - its texas right? :)

kennedy and kaitlyn

the hand in front of the face always means its time to put away the camera.

so i joined the group..and hung out for the rest of the evening. i think i heard an estimate of 70 people attended this year.. thats a big family!

day 2 was all about the water!

korb had so much fun climbing from chair to chair in this beach/swimming area. he also loved him some whitney.

where whitney go? - heard that A LOT too.

he did venture off the shore a few times with kaitlyn and kaden or sissy.

but he was usually escorted back pretty quickly.. here he is with kyle's cousin tim. aka whitney (and kristen and presley's) dad.

kennedy on the other hand wanted NOTHING to do with the shore. here she is on kristens shoulders

why is water play SO exhausting.

and thats it.. i didnt take another single picture the entire weekend. such a good blogger. here's a link to all of the pics - including quite a few i didnt post. saturday evening was great. we had an awesome dinner (thanks tim, lora, wayne & tiffany). then we had the annual washer tourney. which, i know your surprised, i didnt win. ;) kyles cornhole boards were a BIG hit. everyone played friday.. and saturday. and then whitney talked kyle into letting her grace AUSTIN with its first set. (cause surely no one else is playing this game, right?) or at least the first set handcrafted by KP. dont get me wrong.. he did not let them go with out putting up a fight. but in the end -- whit was the proud owner -- and kyles wallet was a little thicker. dont worry the next FABULOUS set is already constructed. a little paint and logos and we will be back in business. after the washer tourney, when the kids were tucked in, we stayed up late to play a little poker before calling it a 'night' just before the sun came up. FUN FUN FUN! cant wait til next year.

wait.. did i forget to tell the story about the CRAZY bug! hmmm... that might have to be another post. ;)

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