Wednesday, June 18, 2008

when it rains it pours.. literally

we got a call from my mom and dad on sunday evening that a terrible storm had hit my home town. this pic is from the childress index. you can read more about the storm there too.there is massive wide-spread damage thru out the town. winds over 80 mph blew in tons of hail. an actual tornado has not yet been confirmed by the nat'l weather service.. but the damage speaks for itself. some homes and businesses are a total loss. thankfully my parents are not on that list. but they do have their fair share of damage to deal with.. they were without power for quite sometime and until an insurance adjuster estimates the damage it will continue to be a little darker in the house with boards over all the broken windows. kennedy is visiting her fathers parents in childress too.. and their home and business were hit pretty hard as well. we are very thankful to say that they are all ok physically. my brother and his family were able to get there to be with my mom and dad to help with anything they need yesterday.. korb and i will be there this evening. not sure what we can do to help..except just be there. please keep my parents and all their friends and neighbors in mind this week and in the next few weeks to come as they try to recover, repair and rebuild.

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