Sunday, June 15, 2008

country thunder..not so much.

the first weekend in june.. well, 5.30-6.1, i guess thats technically the last weekend in may.. a few of my girlfriends and i planned an awesome trip to WAX-a-hachie TX for a country music festival called country thunder. pat green, tim mcgraw, carrie underwood.. and SO many more of our favorites were going to be there and we decided it would be the perfect time for the first ever GNO the weekend edition. we tossed around ideas about RV-ing and camping..but settled on hotel-ing. definitely the most girl way to spend the weekend. then just one week before the big weekend..the event was CANCELLED! we were so sad.. i guess the event got rained out last year in texas and due to ticket sales being low this year they were afraid they would be losing money on the event two years in a row.. blah..blah..blah.. so sad!

we couldnt let the time we had set aside to hang out go to waste. we needed a new plan! derek was going to be out of town on friday night..that meant party at the mincheys! we all met there around 7ish.. ok - half of us met around 7ish. the other half showed up a little after 8. i will not say which half i was in. :) we had a glass of wine or two and then we walked to the square in downtown mckinney. we had a BLAST! i have to thank nikki for sharing pics! we visited a few of our favorite places

here we are at the landon winery

and at the cadillac pizza pub.. they were 'in between liquor licenses' (whatever that means) so the drinks were free..DANGEROUS!!!
while reviewing that last lovely group pic i noticed that EVERY time we take a picture..erin and nicoles eyes are normal - while nikki and i have crazy red-eye. if erins eyes were brown..i would understand. but they are not. theyre blue. i dont understand! i think nikkis camera might have something against freckles!



this picture is outside the cadillac.. i think its my favorite of the entire weekend!
and we ended the evening at the londoner.

that guy followed us from cadillac.

he was from denmark.

the walk home was FUN! just like the entire evening. e loved the frogs..
and we all took a dip in the fountain. except for nikki the photographer. thanks for the sacrifice nikki.

i love walking home at the end of the evening! reminds me of NY.

oh..and we had to call erins dad to wish him a happy bday!

the next morning we had BIG plans to get up.. go see SATC. shop, eat lunch on a patio, have pedicure, a nice dinner, and then GO OUT again in uptown and stay the night at nikki's apt. when we finally left the mincheys around 3 the next afternoon.. the list of things we accomplised got a lot shorter! but we had so much time talking and just hanging out! it was a great day! we did manage to check out the new watters creek shopping center in allen. eat lunch at mi cocina. get a pedicure. rewatch the season finale of LOST! and we even made it out in uptown!

night two in uptown.. we totally didnt mean to cooridinate.

great minds really do think alike!

we spent a little time at little bar called the quarter
and this little chair was all we could find for erin! a little more perspective on the short chair. HILARIOUS!
she survived..
the lights are on..does that mean its REALLY over??
well, except for a random AH siting!
this happening cab driver took us 'home' rock at the self-portrait!
erin thought cole needed some love
now..i think its over. SO MUCH FUN! i had an awesome time!! and made it home in time for a great sunday with my family!! thanks girls.. it was a BLAST!

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