Monday, June 30, 2008

surveying the damage

i took a few {or 50 :)} pics when we visited childress to help with storm clean up. i wanted to share a few... {or 10}. what a mess!
my parents cute little house. the storm blew in from the north east. their house faces east.. all of the damage that you see on the pillars is from hail! how crazy is that.

missing bricks.. crazy.

you can really see the hail damage on the railing, columns and the seat of this bench.

along the north side of the house all the windows that arent missing their screens and/or broken look like this. the hail actually shredded the screens.

the lawn furniture in the back yard doesnt look good at all!

this is the inside of the big window you can see boarded up on the front of the house. even the mini blinds are completely destroyed.

this is the side of the skating rink building that kennedy's grandparents own.
and this was the storage shed they used for the business.

this is the house i grew up in. that tree used to shade the front porch.

and this is the church i grew up in.. their organ and piano were destroyed by water damage after this portion of the roof blew off.

the car wash.. minus half of its metal roof.

dawsons family restaurant. my parents eat here at least two days a week. i wish i had a before pic. there was a covered porch all along the front of the building.. kind of like a cracker barrel. all completely gone.

CRAZINESS! we are really lucky that all of our family members are ok! and we got to spend a few hours with nick, jenny and dalton in childress. the boys had SO much fun. jenny took great pictures. you can see them here. just a preview of how much fun our 4th of july weekend will be!

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Anonymous said...

The city of Childress was impacted by severe downburst winds during the evening of June 15th, 2008. A lone supercell thunderstorm moved southeast across the city producing significant hail and wind damage. The majority of windows on the east-sides of houses were damaged by the wind-driven hail. See damage pictures at the bottom of the page. Observations listed below from the WTM station located 2 miles NNE of Childress. Average 5-minute wind speed and direction with a peak 3-second wind gust. We were headed north for south dakota when we stopped over night in childress. We were there when the storm hit, which they later deteremined was a tornado. We faired pretty well with minor hail damage and a rool up canopy stripped of all or most of the vinil covering.