Monday, June 16, 2008

summer weekend numero tres

after a GREAT visit from my mom tuesday thru thursday.. including a dinner out with her cousin tim and his wife sarah - (who we absolutely love spending time with!) it was time for another weekend packed full of plans. friday was supposed to be low-key..because saturday was aaron cardwells 30th bday bash.. and that was guaranteed to leave us needing a restful sunday. then shawn and jess called wanting to bbq and play a little PS3. still seems pretty low-key. fine by us! around 9 we talked to team minchey. nicoles sisters (and their boyfriends) were driving in from houston and were hoping to come over to play poker. there might have been an erin kennedy +1 siting a little after 10.. and somehow our low-key evening had turned into 13 people. the mincheys..well, i guess really the villareals :), and the +1 had a nice little poker game. i heard that mrs minchey took all their money. just a rumor im sure... after poker round 2 we finally got to bed a little after 5. so much for resting up! we had a great time tho. we do love to be spontaneous!

on saturday we slept in because we are blessed with the BEST baby in the whole world and he lets us do that! then around 3 we headed over to the cardwells for the birthday party. there were SO many people there!!! it was so much fun! the kids played in the backyard in kiddie pools for hours.. they had a blast! i got to hold baby madison (degele) and baby kingsley (canon). both absolutely precious! kyle should be very glad that i do what i do for a living or an afternoon like that mightve created some MASSIVE baby-fever! we ate burgers..watched some amazing golf..played a little cornhole.. well, the boys played a little cornhole. im beginning to think they think we dont wanna play. im sure the truth is that they dont care that we wanna play.. but we will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they just arent aware of our desire to join in their cornhole fun. such a funny word. cornhole. does anyone remember that day at the cusanos when we all played couples? it was awesome! and not just because team palmer beat EVERYONE! just a thought.. anywaysssssssssss. we had a GREAT time hanging out with the whole crew and celebrating with aaron. happy birthday one more time!

after the party we joined the mincheys in westminster (wherever that is). dereks brother plays bass guitar in band and they had a gig at a cool little bar there. dont worry, korb did not go with. he stayed with one of dereks sis-in-laws and nieces. we arrived at their house..dada built the pack-n-play...mommy kissed him night-night and REK sang him fast asleep with in minutes. he didnt even know we were gone! did i mention..THE BEST BABY EVER? then we were off - to that cool little bar in the middle of nowhere, tx. it was the neatest place. an old bank transformed. very cool! we would definitely go back if i had any idea how to get back there! dereks bro's band was amazing. his brother is so talented! derek, what instrument do you play? jokes!

sunday..fathers day.. was all about DADA. we slept til he wanted to get up. we ate what he wanted to eat. we took him shopping.. and then we spent the afternoon doing exactly what he wanted to do. sitting on the sofa watching the US OPEN. it was a very nice, very quiet, very relaxing day! we hope you enjoyed it honey!

ps.. i do have pics from saturday that we took with the mincheys camera. just have a little technical difficulty getting them onto the computer! ill post an update when i have a chance to add them.

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