Tuesday, June 17, 2008

its going to be one of those summers..

one of those where the weekends are too short. and you cant really wait to get to the next one! read all about our last three weekends.

country thunder! not so much.
the last day of school and time OUT!
happy birthday aaron cardwell! and how many minchey boys are there???

this weekend is kps family reunion.. so we will be away again. look for pics next week! both the mincheys and the musgraves have volunteered their cameras just until we get a new one! thanks guys!!!!

one quick note.. ive been working on these posts a little at a time all week. and no matter how hard i try - i NEVER catch all the errors until i reread them posted. unfortunately i just dont have time to do that today... so read at your own risk! and know that i will catch them. kyle tells me all the time that im a little dumber since our accident. dont worry he says it with love.. we will just go with that excuse. :)

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