Monday, June 16, 2008

the last day of school..and a grown-ups only weekend!

kennedys last day of school was june 6.. the last day of 2nd grade. half way thru elementary school! that cant be right, can it? unfortunately so.. she had a blast. some of the parents in the neighborhood thru a pool party. and she stayed the night with kaylee at her grandmothers house. on friday my mom arrived in the afternoon. we had planned for kennedy and korb to spend the weekend in childress so that we could go to the river.. even tho the river thing never quite became reality nana and papa still wanted to see korb and he very much wanted to go home with nana.

on friday night we had dinner with the musgraves and stayed up WAY too late playing guitar hero. as a side note..i dont play. im whats known as a professional watcher. :)

on saturday.. after chiropractic appts and a little lounging on the sofa we met sam, degele, and brad in lewisville to watch BIG BROWN win the triple crown. he didnt win. :( after the race we went to sam's apt to change clothes. then we met up with kenny and a few other friends in uptown. we had a really good time! we got to see lots of people we dont normally get to see.. ran into some completely random old friends of my husbands - literally EVERYWHERE we turned. more proof that he knows everyone in the metroplex! and that was our 3rd time to see kenny in as many weeks. totally a record!

sunday was all about catching up on rest! we were L-A-Z-Y! and it was great!

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