Friday, March 13, 2009

kennedys appendix.. love it or leave it.

kennedy woke up this morning around 4 am with a terrible pain in her stomach {on the right side} and a fever of 103.2. she was crying.. sweating.. hysterical. its no secret that she is a wimp when it comes to pain.. but she is almost NEVER sick. after about an hour of discussing.. tylenoling.. and waking up every medical professional we know personally {for more discussing}.. we decided it was off to the ER for kennedy and mommy. after nearly 6 hrs in the ER... blood work.. urine samples.. iv meds and fluids.. and a ct scan.. all we know for sure is that kennedy's appendix is not well. it isnt acutely infected. but she does have something called an appendicolith that can cause appendicitis.. so this could be the early signs. in addition to the fever, her white blood count definitely indicates an infection somewhere. so.... we are home for now. observing. we have an appt with our pedi at 430 this afternoon to reassess. he will decide then if he thinks the appendix needs to go or if we are dealing with a viral infection and the appendicolith is just coincidental. she is resting.. her fever is 101.5 right now. and the pain meds they gave her in the hospital are just about warn off.. im praying she will take a good nap so the next 4 hrs will pass quickly for her. we appreciate all the prayers already lifted up and the well wishes thru text and facebook. thank you all very much. i will keep the blog updated with any changes.

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