Friday, March 13, 2009

update..its been a long day

we followed up with our dr this afternoon. our appt was at 430.. we were there for 2 hours. :( basically he did a full exam. her fever was still 102.9 when we arrived at the clinic. but he is confident that its not appendicitis. {thats the good news..YAY} the bad news is that she actually has a strep infection.. her lymph nodes/neck are really swollen. as is her face and eyes around her sinuses. and she has a red rash all over her body that is consistent with strep. he says the pain in her abdomen that the ER described as tenderness could just as easily be described as soreness (like from an ab workout). he said its typical for children to tense up their ab muscle when they are stressed such as with a fever. he gave her a gigantic penicillin shot. he said she should be feeling better soon from the shot alone. he also gave her a 10 day antibiotic to make sure the infection is completely cleared up.

we are so thankful theres no surgery in our near future! but she still feels really crummy. i did finally get her to eat a little bit for the first time today. hopefully a full night of sleep {minus waking up every few hours for tylenol/advil to control the fever} will help her feel more like herself tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, poor Kenners. Tell her that I hope that she starts to feel better soon.

When Alexis had a really bad case of strep, high fever and rash, they told us that it was Scarlet Fever (which is really bad strep with rash).

I remember it vividly. Mom, Dad, Corey and I went to Bush Gardens for the day. Alexis did not want to go with us. I thought that she was just being lazy.

When Corey and I got home, she was lying in bed whimpering. I felt her head, and she was burning up. Then she showed me the rash all over her body. We packed her up and went to the ER right away.

When I asked her why she didn't tell me that she was feeling that bad, she said that she didn't want to worry me. Geez.

Love you guys big.