Monday, January 30, 2012

friday afternoon craziesss..

i spend all day every day working from home taking care of babies.  and while i always love my job sometimes there are days when youre reminded exactly why u chose to do this in the first place.. on friday afternoon these craziessss served as that reminder. =) 
they are both random and crazyyy.. so much going on in these pics!
thats korbies cowboy hat.  gracie wore it all over the house on friday afternoon! 
and those are kennedys leg warmers!  haha!  he wore them all over the house on friday afternoon. =)
 i realized recently that i am 4 yrs 2 months and 9 days older than lance.  and korb is 4 yrs 2 months and 12 days older than grace.  that is pretttyyy close!   i hope they can create a bond that will last them a life time and be there for each other forever! they have their moments but i think theyve got a good start on that! 
..playing in the floor prompted a mini photoshoot.  LOL.  
i love them!

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