Monday, January 9, 2012

day 5. its monday.

..its monday.  ugh.  kennedy stayed the night at maddie tuckers last night [side note. did you know that she has at least four other friends named maddie?  glad we decided on kennedy instead of madeline? every. single. day.]  anyway.. korbie slept in our bed because he was 'too scared to be upstairs with out sissy' at his bedtime and i was too lazy to carry him upstairs at our bedtime. miley barely slept at all.  she was completely freaked out by a rainstorm.  so around 1AM she and i moved to the sofa.  ..ya know, so that KP and kp could get some rest. =/  tonight everyone is sleeping in their own space!!   thankfully our sunday was full of naps and laziness or i would be draggggging!

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