Wednesday, January 11, 2012

day 7! happy birthday to me! full week of blogging!  happy birthday to me!  =))  on my birthday in years passed ive tried to reflect on the year before... 2011 in one word. ugh.  ...ive decided to try to find the silver lining/what i learned from all the icky experiences weve been thru..

  •  this one day back in january i crashed the hubbys precious giganto truck in our teeeny tiny drive way.  the next week i parked it on the front curb to avoid that happening again.  we were awakened at 4ish AM by the mckinney pd.  someone had stolen the wheels and tires and left the precious giganto truck on teeny tiny concrete blocks.  ooops.  lesson learned?  im pretty sure i can count the number of times ive driven the truck since!  
  • if ever you AND your spouse have a broken foot at the exact same time.. no matter how much it hurts and how ridiculous it seems.. its a great story.  you will look back and laugh!!
  • after years of employment with the same company, last may they decided that they didnt need KP or any of his co-workers/friends any longer.  it was a trying and stressful time in our lives for sure.. BUTTTT  we had an amazing 6 months hanging out!  wouldnt change that time in our lives for anything.
  • health problems can put you thru an emotional roller coaster!!!  in the end they always seem to work out for the best.
  • one saturday in july my family lost someone very special to a terrible accident.  the story is heartbreaking to say the least and the aftermath is even worse.  yet somehow the little angel who survived and her amazing daddy make me smile every single day.  i cannot imagine them anywhere other than right here in my everyday life.  it would no doubt be better for them if mommy was still here.. but i count this time with them as a blessing despite the circumstance. 
  • somehow.. in 2011 while i was 34.. my baby girl grewww up!  like night and day.  dont get me wrong.. she still has her moments but im starting to realize that those moments are more about being a girl [ugh] than about being a child.  she will always be a baby to me.. silver lining -- sharing shoes! =))
and i think thats all ive got.  =))  im off to snack time with my little buddy!  


poietes said...

I'm catching up on my reading. Sorry to hear about your friend, and I know the laid off routine can be great for spending time together, but very stressful in lots of other ways.

Your hair is sooo long, and Kenners is so grown. I love Korb's long locks.

Write or call me sometime. Happy belated birthday. Love and kisses, lita.

Jammi Palmer said...

i love you and i miss you! =) i would love to catch up sometime! we stay pretty busy most of the time but i really miss blogging! im trying my best to get back into the swing of it and feel like its a hobby and not another pt job!

my hair is long..and DARK! love it. and kennedy is a woman! and after that haircut korb says he's never cutting again. haha! dont know about that but ok.

happy belated bday to you as well. ;) i have girls night the second thursday of the month. wish you could join me. =( maybe someday..