Friday, January 6, 2012

day 2 = miley!

im not sure ive introduced the newest member of our family [jk - i know i havent. cause i stink at blogging]
..her name is Miley. =)) 
almost 4 months old.  almost 3lbs.

she is a shorkie just like her older sister, Maggie ..but so far - thats where the similarities stop!  she is CRAZYYYYY.. she eats like a machine.  her features are very very very yorkie while Maggies is shih tzu dominant.  she wont sleep all night.  she chewwwws up shoes like its her job.  and she is a fattty fatty fatso.  and i love her so so much!!!  every crazy minute.   thanks baby for a wonderful christmas present.  she is precious.
with maggie.  maggie is 18months old now and 4lbs!

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