Tuesday, January 17, 2012

blogging on the weekends?

..not so much. blogging ABOUT the weekend?  sign me up. =))

on friday afternoon i met kp and a few of his coworkers for the very end of their happy hour.  its nice getting to know the people who make up his day at his new gig.  after seven years with basically the same crew.. its a little awkward to hear him talk about people i really dont know.  it definitely helps to be able to put names and faces [and a bit of personality] with his stories from the j o b.  thanks for including me KP!

friday night, KP made plans for us to see our favorite texas country band. they were playing at the granada theater in dallas.  i had never been there.. and KP hadnt been in years.  LOVE IT!  really a cool place to see a show.  we stayed up WAY WAY WAY too late with our friends gilly, mandie, chris, mark, oscar and charlie hanging out on the tour bus.  its been a long time since we've done that.  even charlie stayed up til 4AM. =)  it was the perfect birthday weekend celebration!  getting home around 5AM and sleeping til noon is THE best way to forget that you just turned 35!

someone next to us was gracious enough to take a pic of our double date foursome.. its fuzzyy and pretty terrible but i would normally just keep it and say thank you.. except that creepy blond in the back ground really bothered me.  so we ask to try one more time.
hahaha!! and there she is again!!  even creeeeepier!  lol. oh well. 
thanks for rocking out charlie and mark.. you are the best!  and thanks to creepy people everywhere for sabotaging cool pics. =))

we had lunch on saturday on a patio at OTB with the little man.  KP posted a ridiculous story on facebook about a piece of gum.  all completely alleged ; ) and then we headed over to the shoffners for football and ufc.  and a little karoake of course.. =)   on sunday we did absolutely. nothing. and it was wonderful!!  KP and the kids were off on monday for MLK day.  i worked way too hard cleaning house.. 

and today its business as usual.  four day weeks are the best tho!  here's to another week of keeping track and blogging as we go instead of playing catch up! 

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