Sunday, January 8, 2012

day 4. ..introducing iRemember. =)

ok.  so not only have i failed at blogging.. the fundamental issue is much deeper.  a good blogger [and photographer] takes pics along the way to remember, document and help tell the 'story'.  yea... ive been lacking in that department since my photog business really started to take off.  BUT!!!  i do take pics with my iPhone alll the time!  and so do the kids!  so ive cooked up a cheeeesy title [that im not completely sure i can use but i suppose i can change it if it ever comes up..]  and im going to use the pics to help remember what we were doing all those months.. =))

side story.. i thought of this idea a few months back but never followed thru after downloading and organizing all of our pics.  meanwhile kennedy is completely addicted to instagram.  she [along with her best friends] take pics of EVERYTHING.. from each other to their food.  it really makes me smile!  on christmas day were were at KPs nana's house in grand prairie.  korbie asked if he could play with my phone.  a few minutes later he came running in the house with a 'BEAUTIFUL leaf' just for mommy.  i graciously accepted it from him!  sweet boy [sometimes].  then i told him that he should take a pic of it!  his response,

'ummmm.. i already did. duh.'  haha!  thats my boy!

he also captured this lovely butterfly.. [aka moth] lol. i love it!

SO.. with out further ado [if anyone cares =))]  here's the iRemember jan 2011 and its pretty funny if i do say so myself!  

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