Monday, January 31, 2011

iRemember.. jan 2011

so.. lots of these pics ended up on facebook BUT thats not the same as blogging, right Mom??
jan 2011 edition of pics from my iPhone.
most of the time if youre gonna play poker at casa de palmer.. a silly hat is in order.

colts first day at daycare! 

lol.. no caption necessary

he narrates.. i draw. =)
korbie loves cinnamon toast!
james..why did we not buy this dressss!!!

tired maggggie!

OMG!  ..jake one year ago!  wow what a difference!
korbie loves tats!
this is prob the last time he will ever sleep in a grocery cart.. =(
yes.  shes in a fitting room.  at the mall.  begging for that dress for the school dance. 
raisin bran & cheerios.. i have no idea why.

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