Tuesday, January 24, 2012

its going to be one of those weeks..

..one of those 'i cannot believe its only tuesday..' weeks. ugh.  the weather has been GREAT!  but its cloudy today and its supposed to rain rain rain.  its no secret that im not a fan of cold winter months so im very very thankful for these 60 & 70 degree days that break it up.  but rainy bad weather weeks also mean that when everyone who leaves the house for school or work gets home they dont want to leave again.  so im guessing that besides my trip to the grocery store i will not leave the house until the sun comes out again this  weekend.  that make the week seem realllllly realllly long.  

in other news.. i captured this pic this morning.  maggie and miley forgetting to pretend that they do not like each other. =)  or maybe its just a case of love the one youre with.. but either way THIS is why i wanted a puppy.  to keep maggie company while everyone else is busy working!  love. 

kennedy PROMISED to let me take some pics of her today.. for a blogpost like the cap gun fun post from yesterday.  gotta hold her to that for sure!  until then..

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