Thursday, February 17, 2011

the sun is shining!!!

...but not on my little blog. ugh. ive been behind before.  but never like this! ick!!  3 months?  really?   - oh well.  i understand that no one really cares at this point and that im just talking to myself.. but thats nothing new.  i spend my day with BABIES!  they definitely do not talk but that doesnt stop me from talking to them.  =)  so, self, here's the plan.  a new post. [not sure if this one counts] and an old post.  until this list is caught up!!!
Nov 11 Ray w Stacey.
Nov 23 Tattoo Tuesday
Nov 25 Thanksgiving in Childress [ON my daddy's bday]
Nov 26 Santa in Childress
Nov 29 [Almost] Courtside at a Mavs game
Dec 17-21 Red River Vacation w Team Carter
Dec 21 Bumper Cars w KPs truck
Dec 24 Christmas w Shoffners
Dec 25 Christmas w Henrys
Dec 27 Second Annual REK @ HOB
Dec 31 NYE
Jan 7 Stolen Wheels
Jan 11 The Annual Bday/NY list
Jan 15 Boot Scootin Bday Party
Jan 28 KPs Broken Foot- POOR GUY!
Jan 28 Kennedys Last Elem School Dance =(
Feb 1-5 Snowternity [a phrase stolen from @staceywaceyOKC]
Feb 5 Out w Friends at Cody's Appt [keyword SLEDDING 161]
Feb 6 Out for Hillys Bday
Feb 7 The Superbowl Party That Wasnt
Feb 8 JPs Broken Foot- HA!! unbelieveable!!
Feb 12 Let the Record Show for the First Time Ever - my phone is better than kps
Feb 13 Happy Bday Jaime Elizabeth
Feb 14 <3 Day -- Pajama Gram
phew... thats a lot of stuff.  it will take a while but, self, it will be a good exercise.  in the long run you will thank your self.  here goes nothing.  =)

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