Monday, February 28, 2011

iRemember feb 2011

so.. the idea is that these wouldnt get captions - just jog memories.. but i think some captions are in order. and its taking all my willpower not to edit these pics in photoshop.. so i cant fight off the captions. =)  its also worth noting that i got my iPhone 4 in feb '11.  took lots of pics..
about 15 min after snapping this adorable of korbie and maggie - he threw up all over me, the sofa, the floor etc and that continued for 12+ hours. ugh.
this made me laugh.. winter of 2011 was cold!
ice. on the driveway outside of our garage.. 
global warming.. ha!
poor maggie.. i mean hows a dog supposed to get out side with snow up to her shoulders.

thats charlie. he's famous.  and were friends.
my screen saver for agessss. love.
baby colt!
  korbies homemade valentines for preK.  =))

bath time fun!
haha.  korb the photog.

stonebriar mall. 
korb the photog!

haha.  two broken feet are better than one. =)

jackjack loves hats!
no idea why they were in a basket.. but korb, maggie and his night-night sure are cute!
THE boot. ugh.

sleepy jack!
hanks for charlie robison! =)

happy birthday TOM. i hope its grrrreattt! ;))

  wolf mardi gras.. mass chaos and crazy fun.

  nascar kickoff at the randy creeeeeds. 

clearly kennedy was bored at the nascar kickoff party. bahahaha. 

  clearly korbie was NOT. 

kennedys lunch money acct.  i <3 technology.

thats my daddy. snooooozin. 

sometimes its the little things...
the hooded footy i got for valentines day. =))
love for whit.
hahah.  thats korbie.  snoooooozin.
more baby colt!
four little boys in iPod/iPad heaven! 

thats one good looking cupcake. 
baby ava. stolen paci.. =)
did you know that korb has a scar on the bottom of his tongue from his frenectomy.  sometimes we like to look at it. ha!
 crawfish boil at the bell-isles =)

sofa time with my boys..

thats a sleeeepy baby. 

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