Friday, February 18, 2011

a little he said/she said..

he said/she said is my little concept of writing down the genius/ridiculous/hilarious things that our littles say daily.  and we are LONG over due for a few korbie-isms. =)

on the way to dinner last night KP noticed that the moon was full and started this conversation with Korbie..
Dada - Korbie, look at that coooool moon!
Korbie - You mean that Full Moon?  yea.. its just one of the phases Dad.  It goes crescent, then quarter, half, then gibbous [yes - i had to look up how to spell gibbous], then full.  Over and over.  Until we die.

hmmm - guess he told you, Dada. =)  wow.  preschool is really paying off.  he might be a genius before he starts kinder in a year and a half! =))

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