Thursday, February 17, 2011

one hundred percent ready for this kind of weather!

[daddy and korbie march 2010]
everything about this makes me smile.

and one hundred percent DONE with this kind of weather!
[daddy and korbie feb 2011]
but these guys still make me smile. =) *

**KP would like for me to add a note here regarding his attire. ;)  this pic was taken the week BEFORE superbowl and he was merely being supportive of his boy JJs packers.. =)  it also worth noting for memory-sake that they are standing IN our yard.. and the houses you see are ACROSS the street.. but wheres the street??  thats a lot of snow. 


Unknown said...

Ridiculous. The boots... really? <3

Unknown said...

Ridiculoussssss with the boots. Really? <3