Thursday, February 24, 2011

the first sunny sunday in 2011..

twenty-eleven hasnt exactly started off great.. =(
but at least the weather seemed to be looking up last sunday. =)) we sat around in our backyard FOR EVER before heading over to the carters for a little birthday dinner for my bestie jaime!  happy birthday [again] james!!  busted out my camera and tried to get a few shots of my precious boys - 
see any resemblance??
btw - dirty fingernails = alll boy. =)
i really wanted a great shot of them.  they were not cooperating at all..
i decided a good shot of this to remember 'the ice storm that WOULD NOT go away' would have to do. that ice is two weeks old..
so.. our photo shoot wasnt a success.. but a little time out in the sun was REALLY good for all of us.
EVEN maggie. =)
korbie played til he couldnt play anymore.. =)

and it was WONDERFUL!  looking forward to LOTS more sunshine in twenty eleven!

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Unknown said...

LOVE it. LOVE it allllll.