Thursday, July 3, 2008

22 months?

my how time flies when you are having fun! i cannot believe we are 2 months away from korbs second birthday! i havent done an official korb update since feb. not sure why.. but i want to document all the things he can DO and SAY pre-two at least one more time. he makes me smile everyday.

he does still love his nuk and night-night...which helps mommy still think of him as her baby as much as they comfort him when hes tired or upset. but truth be told he is growing so fast!

oh..and btw - the pics have nothing to do with anything. just some of my current favorites.
he is learning his abc's. well..the song anyway.
usually i sing a b c d
and then he sings e f g
mommy h i j k
korb l m n o p
and so on.. but one day last week at lunch i said hey korb wanna sing abc's? and he said ok mommy. a b c d e f g. guess he doesnt need as much help as i thought. he is also learning to count a little. we work on 1-10 all the time. we count EVERYTHING. for a long time when counting on his own he would always say one three two. but lately hes getting them in the right order. wont be long im sure before he has it down.

he is learning about colors. not really to color. much like his friend gracy - hes not too interested in actually coloring on paper. just arranging the colors or breaking them.. very boy. but he can recognize red, yellow, blue, orange, (pat) green and sometimes purple. so funny. he says pat green every time. also (as seen in the video below) he likes to shake hands.. nice to meet you he says. so cute! not always appropriate. like 'nice to meet you dada' everyday when he gets home from work. but we are working on nice to SEE you also. he has learned just about all of his body parts.. i think. ? the last two weeks have been all about elbows. and mommys elbows. and dada's elbows. and sissy's elbows. everybodys elbows! oh..and his muscles.

when you ask him his name you might get one of many answers. korbie is still around every once in a while. kobra sometimes too. korbin and korb palmer are the ones he chooses most often. last week sissy asked his name and he said 'korb palmer no'.. took a little explaining but i think he gets that the 'no' part isnt his name.. just something mommy has to say every now and then. :) good stuff. his memory is INCREDIBLE. he remembers everything. he loves to look at photographs. last night he wanted to 'look for papa on the com-poota' so we were scrolling thru the blog to find papa. he knew everyone. some of the few i was amazed by were kennedy's friend dylan in this post (he's the little boy in the yellow shirt), my friend erin in this post, and kyle's cousin jamie in this post. all people hes only seen or hung out with a handful of times or less.
his memory doesnt stop with faces.. hes keen to point out police cars, 'pizza' cars, mail trucks, fire trucks and garbage trucks. but he also has this freakish talent of picking out specific cars. he can spot a tahoe (aka ha-hoe), a jeep, or a slug bug anywhere. he is confused occasionally by the h2 or h3 that he mistakes for a jeep and once in a while by a suburban that he will insist is a ha-hoe but for the most part he gets them right and it amazes us. just about every other type of vehicle on the road is just a car, truck or van. unless he knows someone who drives one. every lexus rx is kari's car (gracy's mom). he speaks SO well. he can say just about anything.. ive attached a couple of videos. they are kind-of all over the place. note to self: remember we need an agenda before rolling tape! but they are precious to me. and im sure they will be even more so in a few years.

one more thing.. just because i want to remember it someday. as of 22 months im still pretty sure he will be left-handed. we will see what the next year brings..

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