Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of july

our fourth of july weekend definitely did not go as planned..

our original plan was a fabulous trip to manhattan to visit one of my closest friends, attend her amazing wedding and generally enjoy the east coast. sometimes life gets in the way and plans change...

plan b was a weekend FULL of family and fun in childress.. with my brother and his family at my parents house. completely enjoying the boys playing together all day friday and saturday. sometimes life gets in the way and plans change...

however.. kp, kp2 and i did make it to childress. and we had a AWESOME time with my mom and dad. thank you so much guys for making it a GREAT weekend!

i took 400+ pictures! i thought id let the camera tell the story...

Click to play 4th of july

somehow i missed this cool pic of the new golf course in the slide show.. the S W I N G pics dont seem to do it justice.. how did they get the grass so green in west texas?

we had such a good time. it was very nice to have two full days to spend with my mom and dad instead of rushing thru a normal weekend. thank you for taking me home honey. wasnt new york but it definitely took my mind off missing the wedding. and im pretty sure its no secret how much i love to go home!

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