Tuesday, July 15, 2008

another fun filled weekend

since i blogged last.. weve been bowling, treated to an amazing dinner, visited friends we dont get to see often enough and gotten very little sleep. i think thats a small price to pay for good fun with friends. on thursday evening we made our first trip to a bowling alley in months.. maybe years.. and it was SO much fun. we went to strikz in frisco.

crazy side story.. it was our first time there.. when we lived in plano we ALWAYS went to the plano super bowl. and the few times weve been in the last 3 years we have driven back to plano - just because. so, tho it was tons of fun - and im sure we will go again soon - i still felt a little like we were 'cheating' on our old bowling alley.

even looking at this awesome pic.. of kyle and korb
reminiscent.. of kyle and kennedy

it just didnt feel the same to be in a different place. i had a little daydream about dalton and korb learning to bowl at the plano super bowl.. and being champs like their daddys.. STUPID. I KNOW! and the kids had a great time! so, no harm no foul. we have ourselves a new bowling alley!~ and then this came in the mail yesterday! OMG - it was post marked on 7-15.. the day after our bowling adventure. CREEPY!on friday evening, the mincheys treated us to a sitter and dinner at an amazing restaurant in downtown mckinney. they wanted to thank us for dog-sitting nika and doser while they were away on vacation recently. thank you so much guys! it was awesome!! your pooches are welcome at casa de palmer anytime.. my guess is that next summer we will be babysitting little mincheys instead of dog-sitting little mincheys. can not wait!

on saturday we made our way across the metroplex to visit brad and michelle arnold. they had a bbq and it was great! we got to see the kanuths, cardwells, mincheys, and the blake arnolds. the kids had so much fun! kennedy was a great source of entertainment for the 'babies'. but looking at all the fun pics it is totally apparent that they are no longer babies. :( that makes me a little sad.
they chased kennedy around the house..

and loved every minute of it!

then they chased her around the backyard.. so cute!
i love this pic of ava and kel!

and this pic of elle is PRECIOUS! but this is definitely my favorite pic of the day!when we got too hot ..we went inside for something cold to drink and talked about all the fun we were having.
another great one of elle. she talked with nicole while ava & korb were deep in conversation.
we spent quite a bit of time thru out the day trying to recreate this greatness from last june!

and this is about as good as it got. LOVE IT!

some how.. with these 4 sweeties around. i dont have any shots of the grown ups that were at the party. i really have to do better at capturing everything not just the little people! anyway.. after almost everyone had gone home, the littles were tucked in, and there were only mincheys and palmers remaining.. we made an early call (and by early i mean 11) to stay the night. we played cornhole..til the neighbors complained. we played darts..til the guys fell asleep. and even then we talked a little longer. nicole, michelle and i had such a great time! actually brad was a trooper too. we all called it a 'night' around 4. the next morning, while everyone except mommy and michelle was sleeping, korb found lots to do. bailey (their adorable pooch) was happy to share her toys. :) and he had a great time 'making soup' in her kennel. if you cant tell from the pic he put the food in the water - and then stirred it up with the bone. we might have a little chef on our hands. (uncle derek should be so proud!) even brad shared his toys with korb. what a mess.. will anyone ever tell this kid NO?
thanks SO much guys for having us over!! we had a blast! cant wait for vacation.. see you at the beach!!!

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