Tuesday, July 8, 2008

j-a-m-m-i - really?

i promise im working on posts with real substance about our lives.. (and 4th of july weekend pics) but last night we were watching the news and there was a random story that caught my eye. here's the link.

"While two-year-old Hayden Standerfer loves to play outside his new house, Jammi Standerfer, his mother, said it makes her nervous because of the massive amount of bees that have taken over the home next door.'"

i made kyle rewind just to make sure i wasnt seeing things! ive NEVER seen any other J-A-M-M-I in my entire life! poor thing.. ;) ! (just kidding mom)

sorry about the bees, jammi. hope you get that under control soon!

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Anonymous said...

I saw that story too and did a double take! So glad you saw it too.