Wednesday, July 16, 2008


there have been a lot of challenges in life for team palmer lately.. some directly affecting us.. some with ongoing complications.. and some weve simply had to watch loved ones endure with nothing more than a shoulder for their tears to offer. none of them fun or pleasant, but somehow all of them adding new perspective.

today is no exception. today.. i kissed my husband goodbye and watched him back down the driveway in a suit and tie.. but he wasnt off to work as usual. instead he is spending the day with precious members of his family laying to rest one of their own taken all to early. kyles 20 year old cousin, bradley, was killed in a car accident on friday evening. there was never a question as to whether kyle would be able to attend the service today.. but we had to make a tough decision that i should stay home with the kids. and im feeling very guilty about it. the service began at 1pm.. and as i type - im also anxiously awaiting a call from him. and wishing that i were there to hold his hand.

its funny how our perspective on tragedy changes as we grow older. probably just a few short years ago news of a death in the family such as this would have hit home for kp in a very different way. as it would for most young men. i suspect his thoughts would have been focused on bradleys young age or how he had just seen him a few weeks ago.. but today - as he kissed us good bye.. it was apparent that his thoughts were with bradleys parents, terry and laura. korb got an extra hug.. and an extra smooch.. and an extra long glance. as a mother, i cant imagine the pain laura must be feeling. and by the look on kyles face this morning.. he too was thinking of what terry must be going thru.

terry and laura were blessed with three sons. they both love them all very much. and until i read the obituary - i didnt even know that they werent all 'terry's boys'. granted i havent spent a tremendous amount of time with them over the last 4 years.. but from the outside looking in.. they were always just a family of 5. and tho he would have turned 21 in a couple of weeks, im sure today they are all feeling the pain of losing the baby of the family.

yes, perspective definitely changes. and from this situation we will remember to cherish everyday with our children. kids grow up way too fast. and we arent guaranteed tomorrow with them. we have to make each day count.. in every way that we can.

we love you lots, terry and laura. and were glad that our little boy got to spend sometime with your little boy recently...

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