Thursday, July 10, 2008

jonas brothers - here we come!

yesterday kennedy and her bff kaylee went to a jonas brothers concert! with the coolest moms in texas of course.. however, after 5 minutes in the blistering sun - cool we were not. it was SO hot! but we had an awesome time despite the temp! ironically enough the tour is called burnin' up. :) the show was at the center in dallas. we arrived at 6pm -- and left a little after 1030pm. seriously. it was like a real concert. we had a great time. the stage set up was really elaborate.. and the girls REALLY enjoyed themselves. it was really great to hang out with mendy (kaylee's mom). it seems that we only see each other for a few minutes at a time when we drop off/pick up the girls. we made a pact on the way home that we would HAVE to make things like this a habit.. altho we soon realized that the girls were watching a movie with head phones on in the back seat. they know nothing of the pact.. but im sure we will stick to it just the same. kyle snapped this shot before we loaded up in the tahoe. we rock.

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