Wednesday, January 2, 2008

christmas 2007

as you might recall from my thanksgiving post.. this year christmas=shoffners. we left for childress on saturday the 21st. i was so excited to spend the holidays with my parents and not have to rush home to work..or wait until 'the store closed' on new years eve to leave! what a blessing this change in careers has been! anyway.. the ride was completely uneventful. we loaded the truck for what seemed like two hours.. and then we were off. at least 3 hours behind schedule. the kids were ready to see nana and pop! we made a quick stop at sonic for some lunch and we were off.
lets go already!

this popcorn chicken is tasty!

here sis.. let me read it to you

korb really likes hair brushes.. not sure why.
its funny, if you know kennedy, that she would be brave enough to let him go at her with 2 brushes. she has a very tender head and screams hysterically when i brush her hair. maybe i should just let korb get her ready for school?
so saturday was pretty laid back.. got there around 4 (or maybe 5). went to elsombrero for dinner, yummy. made a stop at walmart to see mimi (..thats my mom's best friend, berva). then we dropped kennedy off at the skating rink and made our way home to watch the cowboys.
on sunday parents left for church always. we usually just get ready and meet them there. and we are late every time..with out fail. church starts at 1030..we try to make it by 1045. well.. this sunday kennedy told us that nana said to be there by 10. she was invited to participate in their childrens christmas program.. she had been practicing her lines all week but only on her own. not with the other children. so we rushed and rushed to make it on time so that she wouldnt be late. honestly, i didnt even shower. gross i know. but we made it to the church at 1005. its still up in the air whether she, herself, fabricated the time change..or if nana really told her to be there by 10, but either way.. it was pretty genius. needless to say, church did not start til the normal 1030. but we were not late. im sure its the only time weve ever been early to anything in our lives.
while passing time before church started,
korb climbed into the wheel chair they keep on hand.
and then poppy had to take him and his buddy ashlyn for a ride.

kennedy in the christmas program.. she did an awesome job!

we had christmas lunch at the church.. it was a really nice service and meal. we love being apart of mom and dad's church. its always a highlight of our weekend.
every year since kennedy was little.. my dad always tries to find some large boxes around christmas. he and kennedy build forts out of them and always have a great time. this year was no exception.. well, except that they had a new playmate. during the design and construction stage, korb made good use of nana's pots and pans. who needs new toys when you have boxes and pots and pans?
let the box fun begin..
korb-where are you??
beat you to it sis.. already in the box. wanna play ball?
or not..
this one cracks me up.. notice the random hair brush.
love this one too.. kennedys whole head thru the window.
that gave us the great idea of trying to get both kids to peak thru the window.
kennedy thought it was a great idea too..
at first
we tried everything to get korb to look..
thats papa trying to entice him with a flashlight.
thats the best we got.. can you say stubborn?
he thought it was hysterical to look out when i didnt have the camera
once sis was bored with the fort..
he had to recruit new playmates.
thats papa on the right and dada on the left!
and a view from inside the box!
wore himself out.. but he had so much fun!
thanks papa!
on monday, it was time for the real presents. korb did such a good job opening them. he said 'OH WOW' about a thousand times. so cute.
kennedy on the other hand.. gave us a bunch of fake smiles..
like this one. until she found the one thing she was looking for
the ipod nano..
she and daddy had fun getting everything set up..
and making an 'on the go playlist' of her favorite songs.
you see..santa brought the ipod early in the week so that daddy could fill it up with music. smart thinkin santa..

and thats it.. christmas at the shoffners 2007. we did leave early enough on christmas day to make it to kyle's nanas in grandprarie. but all the pictures stink. ill try to work some photoshop magic and make them better.. but i think the bottom line is I NEED A NEW CAMERA! they are really dark. we had a great time with kyle's family tho. it was really great to see everyone. and korb was a big hit. he had so much fun with the other kids! and we all got some pretty good loot too! thanks to everyone (and mom and dad) for thinking of us.. you didnt have to. but we appreciate everything very much! lots of love!!!

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