Tuesday, January 29, 2008

friends are friends forever..

not sure where to start..and im blogging from my phone...so im not sure how far i'll get.. but at least a short post is necessary. its late on monday night. and i am laying awake in the guest room of my parents house. kyles been asleep for quite a while and Korb is snoring in his pack n play. i need to get some rest as well.. its been a long 3 or 4 days. ..but my mind is racing..cant seem to fall asleep. tomorrow i have to watch my oldest dearest friend bury her mom and my heart is absolutely broken for her. i know that she will survive.. that she has a huge support group thru her 3 amazing sisters.. and that her mom is in a much better place than this world.. but all of that isnt much comfort when you see your friend hurting and you cant just fix it for her. all i can do is be there for her..for whatever she needs..and thats what i plan to do. love you jaime.. childress wont be the same with out your mom.

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