Friday, January 11, 2008

another year older..

its my turn to reflect on 2007. i know that new years day is the day most people use to look back at the previous year but seeing that my birthday is just 10 days later.. id like to put them together. too much reflection can get you down! dont get me wrong.. i have no real regrets for the year -- but there's always something you were gonna do..that you never got around to. we are not going to dwell on those things.. but in true jammi-spirit.. i have made a list. it is MY birthday.. her we go.

things to remember in 08
1. change is good. even if its drastic! if your hearts in the right place.. and you think your strong enough. just do it!
2. friends rock. the more the better.
3. get out of town. even if its a miserable trip to the'll look back on it fondly.
4. love your family! period.
5. bigger tv's are better. so is HD..
6. traditions are important. but sometimes you have to prioritize them.
7. try something new at least once a year.. you might like it.
8. just because you like something ..doesnt mean you have to do it ALL the time. absense does make the heart grow fonder.
9. if you got it on craigslist... it was a good deal.
10. children make you younger.. and healthier.. and happier.
11. somehow music does too..
12. finish all the home improvement projects that are in progress before starting more.
13. be more straight forward..
15. take better pictures!
16. blogging is good for everyone. even perfect strangers. you never know whos life your gonna touch.
17. on your birthday remember your parents.. it was and is a special day for them to.
hmm..17 seems like a random odd number to end on. but 31 seems like a random odd number too. i remember 17.. (even tho it was a long time ago kelly!) i think i like 31 better.
before noon today i opened 3 wonderful birthday cards.. listened to 4 different renditions of happy birthday (live and over the phone).. got countless text messages with well wishes for the day (the most significant from my daddy).. and replied to several birthday emails. its nice to feel loved. thanks everybody!!!

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Kelly said...

Happy birthday girl!! Have an awesome day!! I agree...let's not go back to 17!!