Monday, January 21, 2008

doing something different..

this weekend we hung out with the usual suspects on friday night.. we played a board game called battle of the sexes. bet you cant guess who the superior sex turned out to be! sorry boys..better luck next time.

then on soon as we got up..kyle went on ebay to find tix to the stars game at the AAC. it was a matinee.. started at 1:00.. it was 11-ish when we decided to go. talk about crunch time!!! anyway.. nicole went with us and we had an awesome time! it was so nice to get out of the house and do something different! and as you might recall from this post korb and i might have cause the demise of last season.. so now that football is over.. well, over for us.. we have to start supporting our stars (& mavs, of course)! the kids had a great time.. as did the adults. kennedy was so excited to 'go somewhere'. korb was so good during the first period. he just hung out. period 2..he was over the lights and that equaled boredom. but during the third i tried to draw his attention to the ice. thinking i might be able to get him to actually watch for a few minutes. he loved it! he watched for the entire third period. he said 'oh wow' about a thousand times.. he argued with me that their sticks were clubs (he has golf clubs he plays with all the time) and he followed the puck (tho he said it was a ball) from one end of the ice to the other over and over. it was so fun to watch him watching the game!
resting up on the ride over
kennedy and 'cole chillin
just after we arrived..
he was so excited by the lights he could not be bothered to look at the camera good one of daddy and sis, despite korbs lack of attn to mommy
nicole helped us try to get a family shot after the game was over.. none of them are good of everyone.. but all 3 are good of someone. couldnt choose.
1. korb looks a little special
2. not sure what they are reaching for..

3. hate this one of me..but they are all adorable.

all in all ..we had a great time! afterwards i got to go to dinner with a few girlfriends and have a good ole GNO. such a good time!! we have to do it again soon girls! unfortunately i dont think there were any pics from the evening.. maybe next time.

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Nikki said...

It sucks that there weren't any pictures from our GNO night...oh well, that gives us more of a reason to do it again soon to make up for the missing photos!