Thursday, January 24, 2008

he will kill me for this some day..

ok. quick story. i was trying to finish my post about the stars game.. and i thought a little video would be fun. when you ask korb these days what the stars play he says 'hockey' in the cutest little voice. i just love it!!! so when we finished lunch today i thought i'd just catch it really quickly with my camera. ya off his smartness. well, just as i hit record. this is what i saw

and quickly i stopped recording! then i thought.. its pretty smart that he knows what hes doing at not quite 17 months.. not what i was going for ..but gets the point across. so i quickly started to record again. and simply asked him what was going on. here's his response.

poop! think he might be a genius! does this mean potty training is going to be easy??? i hope so!!


KatieHinckley said...

Love it! Maybe it's a boy thing to be proud of their bodily functions!

Nikki said...

Ah he's adorable...and you're right, it will be a clip he'll want to destroy in coming years!